Blade - Free Premium Policy

Effective: 24th September 2019 UTC
This Policy only applies to you if you (1) Hold a valid Blade Premium subscription AND (2) that subscription was granted to you by Blade free of charge.
This policy complements the Blade Terms of Use as a policy made available to you within a service.


You represent and warrant that you are an authorized person who we have permitted to obtain a free Blade premium subscription.

Free subscriptions are provided with no guarantee

As a free premium customer, you are not entitled to any consumer rights, including rights relating to defective products or liability etc to the extent permitted by law.
You should understand that we may cancel your premium susbcription at any time, for any reason, in addition we have the right to, at our sole discretion, vary your subscription or its terms in any way. We may further provide different provisions of services for you as compared to paid customers of Blade Premium.

Other Provisions

These policies complement, and do not replace in any way, the Blade Terms of Use.
We may update these policies from time to time in accordance with the Blade Terms of Use.